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We would like to introduce you to Unique Celebrations web site.  This is a local wedding directory for the South Central Pennsylvania region.  We have a directory of services needed: like photography, reception site, cakes, etc.  We also have a geographical directory of the 15 counties we represent.

Registration is FREE and we won't repeatedly market to you or distribute your contact information to other companies.  You can register here: Register FREE.

Registration will get you listed in category of your choice.  If you would like to be listed in the County Directory, just add a link to our site on yours.  We will then list you in as many as 6 County Directories.

Of course, we do have other ways to promote your business on our site:
$20 will get you listed in up to 6 County Directories for 12 months.
You can also buy banner ad space on any Services or County Directory. If you need us to make a banner ad for you, we can at very reasonable costs.

As part of our policy of bothering people as little as possible, will will not send you any email solicitations or re-invite you to join.  We will not remind you of this offer again.  So please take 2 minutes and help us promote your business for free: Register FREE.

Come join a fast growing web site.  We are already prominent in the major search engines, and pay for a listing in google.  Adding a link back to our site will not only get you on the more exclusive list, but will help both of our web sites do better with the search engines.  Of course, you can buy listings in the County Directories or buy a banner ad anywhere on any page.  Contact us for prices.

Green Business Directory

In addition to featuring listings sorted by services needed and by geographical location, we also feature businesses that include an environmental concern or concern for social justice in their business practices. If your business can demonstrate that it has a commitment to environmental stewardship, please check the box in the application. We do not require your business to be on par with Greenpeace, but we expect more than just recycling and turning off lights. If you have made a few choices that were made for an environmental concern, not a bottom line concern, that is good enough for this list. If approved for the environmental directory, we will also include you for FREE in up to 6 County Directories.

Some things that could help you get on this list:
  • Doing something that costs you money or does not make you a profit in order to make the green choice.
  • Description on your web site of your green efforts and how brides can go green.
  • Only (or mostly) buying recycled paper. Everyone should be recycling.
  • Any company cars that are hybrids.
  • Featuring products that are an environmental choice to your clients.
  • Preferring local, small businesses for your products or sources of materials.
  • Volunteering a significant amount of time, donating a lot of services, or products to local charities - donating money does not help for this list.

Please note: keeping up with industry standards is not good enough. For example, most photographers use digital cameras now - do you recharge batteries and recycle used batteries?
Same with paper, using email and mailing less paper is not good enough, do you buy recycled paper? Everyone uses email more for contact now. Also, recycling is manditory in many places. We are looking for people making the sacrifice and being a leader in sustainable business practices, which goes far beyond simply recycling or turning off lights.

Local Wedding Directory

In the future, we may open this directory up to more areas in Pennsylvania and beyond. However, for now, this directory only lists companies in the counties listed above. We recognize that many other companies out of this area may serve this area, too. We have to draw the line someone where. Part of the desire to create this directory was because we would search other wedding directories. In them, we would look for vendors in South Central PA and find the only cake baker listed was a company in Georgia. True, they may serve this area, but part of our goal is to encourage people to think locally. There are lots of great cake bakers a lot closer than Georgia (to continue the analogy), those are the ones we want to feature. So even if you are in the next county beyond our region, for now, this is how we have decided to define our local territory.

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